Contact: Kikuko Tanaka,

Afternoon of Faun (To be Continued)

2013, single-channel video, 11:50 mins

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The video, Afternoon of Faun, was originally produced as a side-show within a performance Poultry Paradise and Its Discontents: Nightshifts before a "tragic theater play" starts. Yet, it can be viewed as an independent work in its own right; however, the potential meaning of the work may change according to the contexts.


As an independent work, the predominant theme could be the process of externalization and learning: how human beings form the external world according to the mind, and derive knowledge from that constructed "natureā€ to further construct the external world.


As a background of "the tragic theater reception," with a "society lady" who loudly emphasizes her empathy toward the protagonist of the play (a night-shift immigrant security guard), the predominant theme would be a relationship between artists/intellectuals and workers: how images and ideas of workers, their labor and suffering can be romanticized and become an appropriate motif of artistic/intellectual production and consumption among artists/intellectuals.