Contact: Kikuko Tanaka,

Join the Club

2013, a single channel hd video, 7:23mins

Join the Club” is a socio-political pornographic video that also functions to provide the “fictional” preliminary knowledge of how the performance trope in “Traumatic Encounter Forever!” came about.


What is it for one to be the feminine? I think it is useful to borrow a definition that Simone de Beauvoir made in “Second Sex” as a departure point: the feminine status as marks of negatives within binary oppositions. “Join the Club” is an examination of the symbolic status of the feminine with a comic twist.


The piece begins with a castration event as a pornographic production site. Through this loss, the protagonist joins the solidarity of the castrated in order to make social change. (Does this rhetoric make you excited or anxious?) The piece brings together dominant discourses of modernity: the Lacanian psychoanalytic discourse of “possession of Phallus,” and the Marxist concept of class struggle as conflict between “who have/ have not”, and the idea of human rights.


Please e-mail me for the password at to view the video at Vimeo.