Contact: Kikuko Tanaka,

Tennis Player: or Story of a Passionate Woman

2011-12, single channel hd video, 7;39 mins


A single channel video “Tennis Player: or Story of a Passionate Woman” begins with the scene of a tennis player’s solitary practice against the wall. Eventually, the ball goes astray, and in search of a lost tennis ball, a strange reverie unfolds.


A video “Tennis Player: or Story of a Passionate Woman” was originally conceived as a part of the performance "Traumatic Encounter Forever!" and presented on the wall that divides the installation/performance space and other areas. There is a hole in the wall that the audience must crawl through in order to enter the installation/performance space. Later, through further editing with additional footage, the piece developed as an independent video work within the series “A Tragic Bambi.”


Thus, carrying on the themes from “Traumatic Encounter Forever!” “Tennis Player: or Story of a Passionate Woman” developed as a single channel video that explores inter-related issues revolving around fragmentation and injury that run throughout Western thoughts as “absent present”: Platonic concepts of desire as lack and love as the retrieval of the lost wholeness, the concept of “rights” that emerges in our consciousness at the occasions of its injury and the model of the self traumatically injured at its individuation in Freudian psychoanalytic theory.


Vaguely alluding to the event of French Revolution, the piece interweaves seeming oppositions, such as right/left and democracy/totalitarianism, into reveries in which time and space are deranged like a dream. It offers multiple interpretations from multiple perspectives, with reference to different kinds of histories.





Tennis Player + Wounded Artist: Kikuko Tanaka

Angel: Chloë Bass

Creature: Timothy Hospodar

Videographer: Geraldo Mercado

Chef: Raymond Fun


Hiroshi Shafer

Geraldo Marcado

Kikuko Tanaka


Takako Oishi

Eric Heist


Kikuko Tanaka